Mud Bay

Yesterday I went to a park I haven’t been to in a while and that was Mud Bay. I forgot how beautiful it is there and how relatively close to home it is which is an added bonus as the days are starting to get shorter again. This trail is flat and has trails along the ocean. There are a few loop trails to do and one day I would love to do the longer route on my bike and make it to Centennial Beach. It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday and I absolutely loved the views of the wild flowers this season. The tide was in when I was there, but sometimes if you’re lucky you can catch the trail while the tide is out and see birds searching for their next meal. It really is a unique park to explore!



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Coquitlam Crunch


On Sunday I tried a hike that I have been hearing lots about, but have never given it a try for myself. It has mixed reviews online so it was never really the top on my list and is known as an ‘urban hike’ which also usually made me turn towards doing something else. However, I am so glad that I took the chance to try it! It definitely is an ‘urban hike,’ but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this hike. It takes about an hour and a half up and down and the first portion of the trail is stairs while the second half is a gravel trail. I liked how well kept this trail is as well as the encouraging signs telling you how far you still have to go. This hike is definitely a great workout! Lots of people were running the trail and/or doing it several times to really reap the benefits. My greatest challenge while hiking I find is both stairs and my cardio so I enjoyed pushing myself through this hike. I just wish this trail was closer to my home! Would definitely love to do this trail more often I think it is a great workout and great training for people who want to get fit or even do more challenging hikes.



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Banff Road Trip

Last week my boyfriend and I got the oppourtunity to do a week long road trip. We stopped in Kamloops, Revelstoke, and Banff. There were so many pictures and highlights so I wanted to take the chance to lost some of my main highlights here. Pictured above are the Sunset hike view in Kamloops, Bow River in Banff, Lake Louise in Banff, and Peyto Lake in Banff.

Kamloops–> The first stop on our road trip and we went to Kenna Cartwright Park and did the Sunset trail. This was definitely a long, sweaty, hot hike, but the view at the top was worth it. It almost looked like we were on a different planet with the rolling dry hills. We also went to the wildlife zoo in Kamloops and it was my favourite zoo experience. The animals seemed to be very well taken care of here and I definitely learned a lot after going here.

Revelstoke–> I was excited to go to Revelstoke because it’s a place I never really had heard much of before. I loved the enchanted forest because it let me be a kid again with fairytales coming to life around me. I also enjoyed doing the trail in the forest and going for my first canoe ride. Revelstoke National Park is also a gem itself. I loved the meadow parkway with its incredible viewpoints along the drive and beautiful wildflowers along the entire drive up. There was also a beautiful peaceful pond at the top along with more trails and viewpoints. I did the Eagle Knoll Trail which had a great view of the Columbia River at the top. The Giant Cedars boardwalk was another trail I enjoyed in the National Park. It was very well kept up and had a lot of knowledgeable signs built into this short, but enjoyable trail.

Banff–> Banff was our grand finale for our road trip and it was definitely worth it. I enjoyed walking into the village and seeing the gift shops. The Bow River was fun to walk by and see Bow Falls. I loved how most of the water in Banff has an incredible blue or green colour to it. Also loved driving by Minnewanka Lake and being able to see both mountain goats and elk. Another highlight of Banff was Lake Louise and hiking to the tea house at the top by the glacier. The beauty of this lake is hard to put into words with both its blue water and surrounding mountains. I also loved driving part of the icefields parkway to see Peyto lake as well. I have always seen pictures of this lake, but was something else to see it in person.

Hope you liked my highlights of my road trip. I can not wait for my next one. Will definitely need to go back to explore the places and sights that I missed!



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Sea to Sky

IMG_0549For my birthday last week the one thing I wanted to do was make sure I was able to spend valuable time with my family and boyfriend. I wanted to share my love of nature with my family and allow them to experience the beauty of it themselves. The perfect way to do this was the Sea to Sky gondola in Squamish. By taking the gondola it meant my family would be able to see the incredible view at the top without straining themselves attempting to hike up the mountain. My entire family loved the gondola and there are several flat walking trails at the top that lead to some amazing viewpoints of the chief and Howe Sound area. The panorama trail has incredible mountain and water views and it was a great feeling having my family see these views for the first time. Their expressions were priceless and it was an awesome feeling sharing this side of my life with them. These views truly are breathtaking. I also enjoyed pushing myself a bit by doing the Wonderland trail as well which leads to a peaceful lake inside of the forest. Squamish is an amazing area for nature, hiking, and views that truly take your breath away.



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Whytcliff Park


One thing that I really enjoy doing is sharing the places that I explore with the people I love-oh-and with strangers hence this blog haha! I was able to take my mom to Whytcliff Park on Sunday in West Vancouver. This park is absolutely beautiful with lots of trees,  a playground, picnic areas, and of course the beach! It is a short walk down to the water and along the water is a rocky sand beach with logs lining the back portion of it. There are lots of places to sit, but it does get busy in the Summer so it is wise to go early. Lots of people walk along the rocks to the island rock and climb up it. I chose not to attempt this, but maybe one day will try it out. The water here is crystal clear and perfect for going for a swim in the Summer. Last time I went to Whytcliff Park I was also lucky enough to see some seals in the water and on the rocks. It was too busy this time to see them, but if you come on a slower day you might be lucky to spot one.



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Steveston Village


Yesterday I went to Steveston Village in Richmond which I have always heard about and seen pictures of, but have never actually had the chance to go there myself. It was quite the experience. This is not a hike in any way, but I do enjoy being able to see these unique touristy destinations as well. There were many restaurants to choose from and some intriguing gift shops as well. The boardwalk on the water had boats lined up selling fish and seafood. Fun fact is I actually don’t like sea seafood in any form, but I did enjoy seeing all of the other people purchasing it. There are signs everywhere warning about a sea lion due to the viral video with the sea lion pulling the girl into the water. I did not get the chance to see any sea lions yesterday, but lots of fish. Along with this boardwalk there is also a walking path that leads to the old fish packing houses. Walking through this path was neat because there are lots of signs explaining the history of this location. It is amazing what you can learn just by reading and immersing yourself in a new place.



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Smoke Bluffs Park


There is something I find very satisfying about being able to discover a new park and even better when it has an awesome hike to go with it! Smoke Bluffs Park in Squamish is a bit of a hidden treasure. I like this park because it is not overly busy, but is quite popular with rock climbers so it is fun to watch those brave souls! The hike to the viewpoint is a short hike and has a great view of the houses below as well as the Chief. I enjoyed the unique viewpoint that this hike had to offer and I think it is a great hike to do if you are short on time or even on a weekend when all of the other hikes are overcrowded. Will definitely be back!



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