Elk Mountain


Hello! I feel like it has been forever since I have put up a blog post, oops! Well Elk Mountain is a hike that I have been dreaming about doing for five years, but at the same time avoiding. For some reason I have had it in my head that since it is fours hours long and rated ‘intermediate’ that it would be too hard for me. These last few months especially I have been doing my best to take some steps outside of my comfort zone and do things that I have always wanted to do! This mountain was definitely one of those steps! The first part of the hike was not too difficult just a gradual uphill trail. I did use hiking poles which I am very glad about because they helped with balance and definitely helped on the way down as the top section is very steep! I actually have to admit I broke down when I saw how steep the top part was and how it was right by the edge of the mountain! Ahh! Thankfully I have a supportive boyfriend who helped me through and I don’t think I have ever been so proud to get to the top of a mountain. The view at the top was definitely worth it. Even leading up to the top the wildflowers are incredible and as you look over you can see impressive views of Mount Baker. The peace and gratitude I felt at the top of this mountain are things I will remember forever. I would like to go back one day to complete the rest of the viewpoints as well. I am proud for taking a chance and not putting off this hike finally.



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