Steveston Village


Yesterday I went to Steveston Village in Richmond which I have always heard about and seen pictures of, but have never actually had the chance to go there myself. It was quite the experience. This is not a hike in any way, but I do enjoy being able to see these unique touristy destinations as well. There were many restaurants to choose from and some intriguing gift shops as well. The boardwalk on the water had boats lined up selling fish and seafood. Fun fact is I actually don’t like sea seafood in any form, but I did enjoy seeing all of the other people purchasing it. There are signs everywhere warning about a sea lion due to the viral video with the sea lion pulling the girl into the water. I did not get the chance to see any sea lions yesterday, but lots of fish. Along with this boardwalk there is also a walking path that leads to the old fish packing houses. Walking through this path was neat because there are lots of signs explaining the history of this location. It is amazing what you can learn just by reading and immersing yourself in a new place.



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