Beach Days


Yesterday I went to a beach that I often forget about, but whenever I go I never want to leave. 1001 steps beach is truly a treasure. This beach is always different depending on  whether the tide is in or out. To get to this beach you have to go down a flight of stairs (not actually 1001 steps by the way), then follow a gravel path to a tunnel that leads you under the train tracks and to the beach. This is a very rocky beach so you have to be careful with your footing, but the sea creatures that you get to see here are incredible. Yesterday I got to see fish, starfish, crabs, sand dollars, and others that I most likely didn’t even notice. I always feel like a little kid again when I go to this beach in awe of the creatures around me. This beach also has many big rocks to sit and relax on. I like this beach because it is the perfect place to go exploring as well as relax in the sunshine.



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