Cheam Wetlands Regional Park


Yesterday to end my long weekend (Victoria Day here in British Columbia) I ended up exploring a new park. As much as I love the regular parks and hikes that I do there is something very satisfying about finding a new place to visit that just seems to spark that explorer side of me into vision. Cheam Wetlands Regional Park in Chilliwack has an incredible view of Mount Cheam and this time of the year it is still snowcapped so the view is even that much more spectacular. When you first enter the parking lot you can see the wetlands as well as several picnic tables under shady trees. Next time I come I want to bring a picnic with me as this is the perfect place for a picnic and a good book while listening to all of the birds in the background. This park has a very peaceful vibe to it. There is a ‘floating bridge’ trail that leads you on a boardwalk over the water where you can see several kinds of fish and birds throughout the area. There are also two other trails about 1 km in length too. I did the creek loop trail so I would like to do the other trail next time. The trail was flat and accessible to anyone which was nice. I really enjoyed the forested view this trail had as well as how well maintained the trail was. This is definitely a park I will be recommending to people and a park I hope to visit again in the future.

*As a side note I would like to recognize that wordpress sent me a notification that it has been two years since I started this blog! Time flies! I am so happy that I took the jump to start this blog. Writing has always been something that is very important to me. Writing is one of my favourite ways of expressing myself. Along with writing about adventures I also have a daily journal that has really helped me along my journey these last few years. Here’s to another year of writing, blogging, and adventures along the way!



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