Abby Grind


The Abby Grind is one of my favourite hikes to do to warm up for hiking season because it is not too challenging, but just challenging enough to get your heart and legs going. This hike is quite steep after all it is called a “grind,” but unlike the infamous “Grouse Grind” in Vancouver it does not contain any stairs, but instead a steep incline with some roots to walk over. This hike takes about an hour to do depending on your pace and amount of breaks. There are some nice viewpoints throughout the hike overlooking the farm fields that make up a lot of Abbotsford. This time of year you can also catch a glimpse of the Abbotsford Tulip Festival. I was quite proud doing the hike this time around because I remember doing this hike last year around this time and literally huffing and puffing, but this year even though it was still a good challenge I found the hike much more manageable than I remembered. This is something I am quite proud of because it shows that my walking and gym trips are paying off. Now to start going for runs to really build up my cardio endurance. It is always really exciting to see progress that I can actually see and recognize. I am glad I have been pushing myself out of my comfort zone and hope to do so now by starting to go for runs. Will see how it goes! Any running advice is appreciated!



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