Pitt lake

Pitt Lake is one of my favourite parks to go to in all seasons. I first discovered this park last year and since then always rant and rave about it every time I go. It is an easy flat walk that is about an hour and a half long. The only thing that you really need to watch out for is some mud and goose poo as this seems to be a popular stomping ground for the Canadian goose. The mountain views around this park are absolutely incredible especially this time of year where there is still some snow on them. This year the waterfall that falls from one side of the park through the forest is quite visible because of all the snow and rainfall we have had. I always love the serene sound of walking close to a waterfall and the joy I have when finding it. I felt very lucky this last time I went to the park because all wildlife seemed to want to make an appearance. I was able to see a snake, swans, and even two river otters which was quite an experience. The river otters were not shy around people and I was even able to see one of the river otters catch a fish and then stoop up to the log in the picture above to finish his dinner. This park always seems to bring a unique experience when I go which I love. You can rent kayaks here so I am hoping in the summer time to hopefully rent one and try that out. While driving to this park really make sure you take in the beauty of the back road that leads you here with its peace and mountain views.



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