Pender Island

During Spring break I went somewhere where I have never been or to be honest ever heard of until a few months ago. I went to Pender Island which is an island consisting of North and South Pender Island that are connected by a bridge. These islands are inhabited by around 2000 people. I was not sure what to expect when going to Pender Island, but from what I had heard and seen online I expected it to be at least pretty. When I got there my breath was really taken away and my whole body filed with anticipation and excitement. The first thing I saw when getting off the ferry was a pet pig in someones’ backyard which alone made me never want to leave this place haha! I stayed at a place called Woods On Pender which was absolutely perfect. It was a dream stay for me. I stayed at a little cabin with a hot tub and a porch swing. To say that I never wanted to leave is an understatement. There is something about being able to start your day and end your day in a hot tub that is absolutely mesmerizing. I loved hearing the birds chirp from the comfort of the hot water around me in the morning as well as being able to relax in comfort and look up at the stars while feeling like my troubles were no where to be found at night. Pender Island has 32 different beach lookouts which of course I didn’t get to all of them, but definitely did explore quite a few. I hit up a few parks and hikes every single day, but here are some of my favourites from the trip:

Mount Norman: This is the highest lookout hike on Pender Island. The hike itself is not overly difficult, but is quite steep and uphill for the majority of the hike so wear good shoes. The view at the top is incredible and there is a sign up top with a detailed map of what island you are looking down at which I thought was an added bonus.

George Hill: This was the second hardest hike I did on Pender Island, but again it was not overly challenging just a bit steep in a couple sections. This hike also has some beautiful views from the top and I was lucky to watch some ferries passing through.

Enchanted Forest Trail: This is an easy mostly boardwalk trail. The mossy trees and ground lead to a magical feeling while in this forest and this time of year also leads to a small waterfall.

Oak Bluffs: This shorter hike leads to a beautiful lookout with a bench and also a picnic table. I was lucky because the sunshine decided to make an appearance on this day so it was so peaceful to just sit in the sunshine and marvel at this view.

Thieves Bay: This park is a popular spot for viewing orca whales which is what led me to check out this spot. Unfortunatley I was a bit too early for whale viewing as apparently they are seen mostly in the summer, but it was still fun looking into the water and trying. I was lucky to see a seal popping his head out of the water. On a side note on my way to Pender Island on the ferry I was very blessed to be able to see a small pod of orcas which was definitely a dream come true for me!

Disc Golf: This was something that surprisingly became a highlight for me on this trip. There is a disc golf park on Pender Island with some discs free to use under a little hut in the park. I have walked trough disc gold parks before, but never actually tried it myself. It was fun trying something new even though I was definitely not very good at it!

Those were some of the highlights of my trip. I look forward to returning to Pender Island to explore more. I loved the abundance of hikes, parks, and lookouts on this island. I also liked how the hikes are not very long so you can get through a lot and explore a lot even if you only have a few days. This island definitely resonated with me and made me feel like I was at home. I am also excited to hopefully explore some other islands as well after realizing how many there are to explore out there.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. greenspaceharri says:

    Looks like some great hiking trails, whereabouts is Pender Island?

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