Sawblade Falls

This last weekend I decided to check out a park that I had never even heard of until recently. I went to Pinecone Burke Park in Coquitlam and did the Woodland Park Trail up to Sawblade Falls. One of my goals has been to explore new parks and start to do longer hikes out of my comfort zone and this hike did both of those things. This hike is about three hours long and is not super hard, but you do have to be careful about following the markings on the trail (thankfully well marked) and make sure that you wear proper footwear as it can be a bit slippery in some sections this time of year. I would also recommend bringing bear bells as Coquitlam is a popular bear area and when I was hiking (at around 3pm) there was no one else doing this certain trail at the same time. With how much rain and snow that has been melting the streams are in full force to the extreme of at some points during the trail I was literally walking across a stream and up a smaller stream. Yes, waterproof shoes are a must! There was also a bit of leftover snow at the top of the trail by the waterfalls that you need to be careful with walking though. The Sawblade Falls this time of year are incredibly powerful and a sight to see for yourself. I love this time of year with the sound of rushing waterfalls and streams. The forest throughout this trail was absolutely gorgeous and I was able to catch glimpses of neat looking fungi, nurse logs, and stumps. I even found a stump with a face on it, see if you can find it! I am very proud with taking the chance to explore a new park and challenge myself. Was definitely worth it! In the next few days I hope to also post about my Spring Break trip to Pender Island. It was also an adventure to remember! I’ll keep you posted! 🙂



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