Golden Ears Park

Another beautiful park I recently visited was Golden Ears Park in Maple Ridge. I have been to this park in the summer where I walked to Alouette Lake as well as the lower falls, but had not been there in quite some time. The day I chose of course was quite a cold and rainy day where there were also quite a few trees laying across the trail. It was a bit of an obstacle course going over and around these fallen tress, but made the trail even that more interesting. The true beauty of this forest made up for any treacherous thing that mother nature had planned for that day. The rich green moss on the trees was absolutely a magical sight  it almost made it seem like I was on a different planet with the views I saw. While walking I also got some great views of the snowy mountains and the fog in front of the trees was a sight that I could of stared at for hours. The lower falls were in full force when I got there due to the rain and standing there feeling the mist flying at me just made me realize even more how amazing nature really is. Overall this is a great trail to do. It is flat, but at this time of year there was still a bit of snow left on the trail, however, with proper footwear and clothing this should be no problem. I am still dreaming of going back to this magical forest to this day. It is amazing how much the forest changes from season to season.

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