Beach/Snow Day


Yesterday I decided to brave the cold and head to where everyone goes when it’s snowing…the beach! Haha. When leaving to head to Crescent Beach it had just started to snow again and even though I am over the snow at this point and very ready for Spring and better driving conditions, I decided it would be very interesting to see the beach from a different perspective. The beach had a totally different vibe in this weather. It went from bright to moody and mysterious. It was incredible to see how many ducks and birds were also taking refuge at the beach this day. Even though I am not always the biggest fan of the snow I do find it fascinating how quickly it can transform the meaning and vibe of a place so common to me and make me see it in a new light. The peacefulness and bitter coldness of the day was mesmerizing in a way. It was definitely a unique experience getting to see the beach covered in snow and one that does not happen often here in the lower mainland so I’m glad I seized the oppourtunity while I had it.



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