Dog Mountain Snowshoeing

On New Year’s Day I got the chance to go snowshoeing for the second time this season, but I guess technically the first time this year ;P I wanted to take advantage of the free Mount Seymour shuttle that was running until Jan 2. It is always so beautiful on the mountain with the winter wonderland all around. Even though this day was particularly cold (-20 wind chill) I always love going snowshoeing and it was the perfect way to start the new year off. I have done the Dog Mountain hike before in the spring and summer months, but I have never done it in the winter while snowshoeing. It was interesting doing the hike from such a different perspective. The hike itself is not too challenging and most flat with some uphill and downhill sections which makes it an easy trail to snowshoe. It is about a 2 hour roundtrip. The view at the top of this mountain was absolutely breathtaking with the mix of blowing snow, snow covered trees, and ocean I was in complete awe. I would say the hardest part of the trail was forcing myself to leave the top of the mountain in time to return my snowshoes. I am thinking a pair of snowshoes would now be a good investment so that I stay at the top longer! 🙂 The mountains are especially beautiful at sunset and I would love to be able to sit at the top and take in a sunset view as well. Am very glad I took the chance and did a different snowshoe hike.



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