Abby Grind


Yesterday I tackled the Abby Grind for the first time. While researching this hike I actually expected it to be quite easy from reading peoples’ comments. I’m not sure if it’s because I am getting over a cold or because I need to run more (haha), but I found this hike to be almost as challenging as the actual Grouse grind, but in different ways. The trail is quite narrow and slippery in some part with dry dirt. However, I actually enjoyed the different terrain of this hike compared to the Grouse Grind which is mostly stairs. There were quite a few people actually running this trail which seemed to be quite popular. I definitely found this trail to be a fabulous warm up for a full season of hikes. I am glad I took a chance and tried this trail out. The view at the top was cool to see as well with the different patches of green fields. I would definitely recommend this hike just make sure you wear shoes with a good grip. I hope to get back to this trail soon after I work on my cardio to see if I can beat my 1 hour finish time 😛




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