Goldstream Park and Lone Tree Hill




This last weekend I was able to spend in Victoria for a well needed weekend away from the hustle and bustle of my everyday work day. I was excited to go and explore some new parks that I have never been to before instead of just the “classic” tourist spots in Victoria that I have usually stuck to. The top picture is a picture of one of the viewpoints on the Lone Tree Hill Hike. I will admit I was drawn to this hike because of its name, but really enjoyed hiking it because it had an amazing view of Victoria at the top, but also was only a 45 minute hike which meant I could explore even more parks that day. This hike was very quiet and peaceful which was a nice change of pace an at the top I was able to catch a glimpse of a few turkey vultures flying about. The other park I explored was Goldstream park which is a huge park in Victoria. The first trail I did got me to Niagara Falls which was a beautiful smaller rendition of the infamous Toronto version. I then hiked up to the Goldstream Park trestle which is in the bottom picture which was quite an intense uphill hike, but was completely worth it for the experience and view. I definitely recommend good shoes for this hike because it can be quite slippery in some spots. I made it halfway across the trestle before chickening out, but am very glad I got the chance to explore such an amazing sight. It was definitely a weekend of adventure that I won’t forget and I hope to have some more weekend adventures soon.



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