Surrey Bend Regional Park

Last weekend I had the chance to explore a newly opened park in my area called Surrey Bend Regional Park. This park is along the Fraser River and actually beat my expectations. I wasn’t too sure on how much there would be to explore at this park, but turns out it is definitely a park I will be returning to. It has lots of space, a view of the ferry to Barnston Island, and modern wooden designs around including a wooden sloped bench ledge across a small bridge in the park. I feel like even though the designs are “modern” this park still has a natural feel to it and I enjoyed walking the trails around the park because they were simple, but still had great views of the surrounding mountains and forest. I recommend this park because it is close by (for me at least) and is great for if you don’t have a lot of time to spend, but still want a peaceful walk and some exercise. There are also lots of benches and picnic tables so it is a good place to stop and have a picnic or read a book as well.


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