Pitt Lake

It has been nice having some time to get errands in over my Spring Break, but something that I have definitely needed is a good nature fix before going back to work. Pitt Lake is a place I have often driven by on my way to other locations and have always wanted to stop here and check it out. Pitt Lake has an excellent nature loop trail that has incredible views of the mountains and lake. There are even two lookout decks that offer a higher up view of Pitt Lake. I enjoyed seeing all of the different types of birds here that I normally don’t see at other parks such as swans! It was rejuvenating to feel so close to the mountains and once the clouds lifted I was able to see all of the snow on the mountains as well. The trail is a 15km trail, but is all flat so is relatively easy. More than half of the trail is just a rocky path, but after you get to the second viewpoint lookout the trail becomes quite narrow and muddy so good shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty are a must! The only thing to look out for on this trail is a tremendous amount of goose poop, hence the fact that it is a wildlife area so it is bound to happen. There are also lots of benches in this park so you can sit down and enjoy the view. This is definitely a trail that I will come back to enjoy. It was nice exploring a new trail I always feel so refreshed after being in nature and it was a great change of pace.



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