Velodrome Trail


Today I tried out the Velodrome trail on Burnaby Mountain. This trail is sometimes known as the “mini Grouse Grind” because even though it is not as intense as the Grouse Grind it still has over 500 stairs which is a good warm up before trying the infamous Grouse Grind. This is a good trail to do in this season while some of the other trails are closed off as well. I enjoyed doing this trail because it definitely got my heart rate going and had some amazing views at the top as seen in the picture I have posted above. The trail is well kept and had a good mix of stairs, flatter sections, and an uphill climb. I only wish that I lived closer to this trail so that I could o it more often because it is definitely a great warm up for spring/summer hiking season. I would consider this trail a good fit for anyone to try and an especially good trail to try first before beginners do the Grouse Grind. This trail is perfect for if you are in a time crunch because it only takes about an hour as well. I will definitely try to return to this trail before the Spring/Summer hits to warm up my legs for some more challenging hikes.



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