Elgin Heritage Park


Elgin Heritage Park is a park that I have actually driven by many times without ever having the chance to pull in and check it out. This park is kind of hidden and I found that I enjoyed this park more than I expected to. It is quite a short loop (under an hour), but was still  worth the visit. I enjoyed the multiple birdhouses around the trail and it was nice to see all of the different birds and have a bit of a bird watching experience while walking the trail. Seeing all of the different birds close up is always something that I enjoy. There is something about walking a trail filled with the sounds of chirping birds that can make me feel more positive and at peace. I also liked how there was a view of the water while walking around the loop. This is definitely a trail that I will come back to. It is the perfect trail to go to if you are short on time, but still want to be able to get outside for a walk.



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