Minnekhada Park


Minnekhada Park is a park that I enjoyed more than I expected. I chose to explore this park in the winter months because of the fact that every comment I could see online about the park talked both about its beauty and its BEARS. Hence why I chose to do this hike last weekend. This park was actually very busy with lots of families and people with dogs, however there was still plenty of room to roam the trails. I enjoyed this hike because it wasn’t super hard or long, but was definitely a good warm up for hiking season. This hike has a good balance of uphill and flat trails. As long as you are careful and looking out for roots in certain sections the trail is perfect for just about anyone wanting to give hiking a try. This hike took about two and a half hours in total. I also enjoyed the fact that even though it is a shorter hike it still has a beautiful view at the top which is an added bonus. It was the perfect sunny day when I went with some pieces of leftover snow here and there. I also enjoyed walking through the path that led past the partly frozen marsh. Walking past this scene at sunset was really a sight to see. The only slightly scary part was walking cross the short icy log bridge, but I’m sure that most of the time this bridge is not as icy. I am very happy that I was able to find this hike and share it with others. I feel like it is one that not many people know about and it makes me want to explore other hikes that may not be talked about as much.


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