New Year and Passive Park




This new year here as started off as a frosty one making the trees so beautiful and white I couldn’t help heading out with my dog to a trail to enjoy the beauty. Passive Park is kind of a hidden gem that I was lucky enough to find a couple of years ago. This man made pond that forms from the rain usually freezes in the winter so it was fun to see some people ice skating on the small water holes that had froze. It was also amusing watching my dog try and skate as well. While going for this stroll I began to actually think about this blog and this last year and realize that I haven’t been keeping this blog as up to date as I would like. I would like to make sure I document the places I visit more often and also make it more of a habit. I want to express myself a little more and make sure I am keeping myself open to more oppourtunities. It is crazy to me to think of how far I came last year. Last year started with a leave of absence from work, anxiety, and lots of drama and ended with a full time job, a solid relationship, lots of adventures and a huge cross off of my bucket list with snowshoeing (see last blog post). I am excited for this new year of oppourtunities. This year I really want to focus on my mental and physical well being. I want to continue practicing meditation and find more chances to relax and unwind. I also want to practice being in the moment more this year and really enjoying the life I live while making the best use of my time. I want to continue going to the gym and add in some running to my routine. I want to practice balancing work and play while making time for the people I love and make this year the best year yet. This sounds clichĂ©, but after the last couple years I have had I am ready to really live for me and enjoy myself. I am excited for the adventures to come.



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