Deer Lake Park


This last weekend I went to Burnaby to see what was there to explore. Here I found Deer Lake Park which was much more than I had expected. I had done some google searches beforehand and was unsure of how interesting I would find this park, to my surprise after experiencing this park I have to say it was one of my favourites. This park is a very peaceful place to walk ad relax with the playful sounds of ducks and geese around you. I loved how many trails there were to choose from and liked walking the loop trail around the lake and going up the viewpoint tower as well. The views of the lake were quite tranquil and it was nice to see the mountains on such a clear sunny day. Another plus side to this park is there is a boat rental spot at the beach area. Normally I would always say that renting something is something I would like to do some day, but not today. This time I was able to ignore my apprehensions and go out on a peddleboat with my boyfriend. To many people this would seem kind of like a dorky activity and would think nothing of it, but for me it was another way I was conquering my fears and doing something new that I had always wanted to try. Being out in the water was very relaxing and brought me great peace of mind. Will definitely be visiting this park again.


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