Grouse Grind

grouse grind

Yesterday I conquered an anxiety that I wasn’t really sure why I had and this was to do the Grouse Grind for a second time. The Grouse Grind was my first official ‘mountain hike’ that I did about two years ago. It’s no that I hated it or anything because it was the first hike that I did that made me realize how much I love hiking and finding those incredible views at the tops of these mountains. It was something I had never fully experienced before. However, as much as I loved it I also remember the fear I had while doing it of not being able to finish and also of being the slowest one there. While doing the Grouse Grind the first time I remember how mentally and physically exhausted I felt and how I honestly felt like I was going to just turn back down. However I did complete it in an hour and forty five minutes and I am happy to say I did it in an hour and half yesterday. While doing the hike yesterday I felt quite flustered at the beginning because just finding parking set me off edge a little bit, but once I started I knew there was no backing down and this was something I just had to do. While doing this hike I was able to realize how much I have learned about myself and how much I have grown over the last couple years and especially over these last few weeks where I have proven to myself that I can be stronger than my anxiety and get through obstacles and be happy in the end. This time last year I was unable to work for the most part due to lack of confidence and anxiety and I was also working a part time job that I hated. Now this year I am back to work and am working on myself and my relationships instead of just going with the flow or avoiding situations. I also am only working jobs that I enjoy and it is true when you love your job it doesn’t feel like you are really working a day in your life. It is amazing how much can change in a year. For anyone wanting to try the Grouse Grind I would definitely recommend it as it is the most rewarding feeling at the top and is also a unique experience having a ride down the skyride as well. I like how there is also lots to see and do at the top of the mountain such as bird shows, grizzly bears, and lumberjack shows as well. However, when considering doing this hike definitely think about your fitness level and health first and foremost and prepare yourself well for this hike. Take it at your own pace and bring layers and lots of water. I am curious to see how I can better my time the next time I do this hike that started it all for me.


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