Othello Tunnels and Cascade Viewpoint

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Over the last weekend I got the chance to camp in Osoyoos and get ‘away from it all’ as tradition would say it. I loved being able to experience the beauty of Osoyoos while also learning a lot about the culture and of course rattlesnakes which of course I ran into! On the way home I went to the Cascade lookout in Manning Park which was an incredible experience. It was freezing cold due to being at such a high elevation, but the view was amazing and it literally felt like I was on top of the world with the mountains all around me. I also enjoyed feeding the chipmunks cashews haha. It felt like a different world up there and I am glad I made the stop to experience it. I also enjoyed seeing the Othello tunnels because I have always seen pictures of them, but never been there myself. I found myself enjoying the knowledge from the information bulletins in the park while also being able to enjoy the physical sense of actually walking through the tunnels. Even though it was pouring rain the weather almost added to the character and history of the tunnels. It was definitely an adventure and is something I am glad I took the time to do.


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