Joffre Lakes


Out of all the hikes that I have done until now this Joffre Lakes hike that I did yesterday is definitely in my top three. I was a little apprehensive about having to drive three hours to do a hike and then drive three hours home, but I am so glad that I took a chance and I did it because the view was incredibly worth it. This hike was a little more on the challenging side than I expected in the sense that I could definitely feel my heart pounding quite fast on the way up from lower lake to the middle lake. It was steady uphill climb. However, the walk to lower lakes was a mere five minutes and the hike from the middle lake to upper lake I found much easier and was more about watching where I was stepping in regards to roots and boulders. This hike definitely took my breath away and it is true what the reviews I have read about it have said where each lake is even more beautiful than the last. The sight of the pure blue glacier water was reward in itself at each stop, but I also enjoyed seeing the glacier close up in its purest form at the upper lake. There is also a waterfall along the hike that is a spectacular view and a nice way to cool off when standing close to it. The mixture of cool drops of water and forest air definitely put me in my bliss. I don’t think I could of been happier while on this hike seeing all of these new things. There is definitely something to be said about completing a new and challenging hike while being able to see these amazing views that not everyone can say they have seen. The beautiful purple wildflowers along parts of the trail added the perfect pop of colour along this forested trail and dirt path. I am glad that I had time to make it to all three lakes. I am also glad that I bought new hiking shoes a couple of days ago as I would definitely recommend a sturdy shoes with good grip for this hike as it is relatively steep especially on the way down. I would recommend this hike for sure as it is definitely a sight that is not forgotten. It’s not everyday that I’m able to say I took a day trip to see a glacier. I feel blessed to live in this beautiful country with so many different things to see.


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