Siwash Rock and Thinking


Along with Rocky Point Park this past weekend I also made it to the Vancouver Aquarium with an extra trip around the Stanley Park Seawall. This walk has always been one of my favourites due to the activity on it as well as the beautiful landscape. I have never actually gone too far past the Lion’s Gate Bridge portion of the seawall was it was an added surprise when I did and ran into the landmark known as Siwash Rock. I have always seen pictures of this rock, but have never had the oppourtunity to see it in person. The story behind this rock of not being selfish also brought my attention to how my thinking has changed over these last few months and how much I really am changing. I had a rough weekend with negative thinking, but have brought my attention to it and in recent days really embraced how positive and realistic my thinking has been this last week. I have realized my thinking needs to reflect what is really going on in other peoples’ minds as well as my own and what is happening in real life instead of my own imaginary world my thoughts can sometimes create. It kind of made me realize that up till now my thoughts have almost been on the selfish side when I am anxious because I focus on my own thoughts and what they are telling me instead of looking from another point of view. This is something I have tried to be more aware of this last week and it has really worked wonders. I have been more positive and have looked at the reality of my thoughts when I have had any negative thinking. I am hoping I will be able to keep thinking this way and get out of selfish and negative thinking and keep up with this new realistic way that makes me and the other people around me much happier and in control.


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