Rocky Point Park


Last weekend I had the oppourtunity to visit Rocky Point Park with my mom. This was a special day for me because it’s not very often that I get time to spend one on one with my mom. It was a spot that she has always talked about going to so it felt good being able to visit somewhere new with her. This park was very beautiful and clean (minus the goose crap everywhere). The boardwalk (pictured above) was very quaint looking with the gorgeous flowers and benches along the middle of it. The boardwalk was also the perfect spot for people watching as well as for watching people loading up their boats at the boat launch. They make it look so easy! I was also able to see many people kayaking which I will admit made me a little jealous as that is something I want to try as well. I was proud of my mom for agreeing to do the shoreline trail as hiking is not exactly her favourite pastime as it is mine. This trail was an easy flat trail with some nice viewpoints a long the way to keep it interesting. It had a narrow boardwalk for part of the way which allowed for some bird watching as I saw a heron hunting in the water below. All in all this was a great park adventure experience for my mom and I to share.


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