As We Are


This is something that I have noticed more and more lately. I have found that with my negative state of mind that I have had this last week things have seemed nerve racking and impossible to overcome. I keep telling myself to stay positive, but negative thoughts usually creep in while making me feel anxious and alone. It’s hard battling these thoughts because this feeling of being alone often makes me block myself away from other people no matter how much I love them. I want to start focussing on my positive self talk and seeing my challenges in a positive light so I can grow from them instead of hide from my challenges. I don’t want to hide from who I am, but instead grow from my insecurities and turn them into positive traits that I can live and be happy with. I don’t want to see things in my negative state of mind, but instead explore my world in a way that motivates me instead of hinders me.

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