Jug Island


A couple of weekends ago I heard about this trail leading to Jug Island in Belcarra park. When I started googling for information I was optimistic because even though this trail is labelled as ‘intermediate,’ it’s only a two hour hike so I figured I should give it a shot and try something new. I am trying to build up my confidence on trying more difficult hikes. This hike definitely did not disappoint. It is a great beginner hike and is a great workout. Definitely worth a try for anyone looking into it. It has some steep sections both uphill and downhill, but as long as you watch your footing it’s not overly difficult. I enjoyed the level of challenge this trail gave to me. The weather also turned out well for the day I went because in this extreme heat we have been having the sprinkles of rain were blissfully refreshing. The view of Jug Island at the end of this hike was a beautiful sight. Quite a few people were picnicking on the rocky beach area and it was inspiring to see all of the people boating and canoeing around the area as this is something I would love to try. After all of the kayak and people watching I did I am really hoping to have a kayak adventure to talk about by the end of this summer. I am trying to encourage myself to try new things and last summer it was stand up paddle boarding in Pentiction so this summer I am hoping to give kayaking a try. This whole trying to get out of my comfort zone through everything I have been dealing with these last couple years is definitely leading to some amazing experiences.

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