The Art of Meditation

For the first time today I tried meditation. It has always been recommended to me to help me relieve stress and anxiety, but I have never sat down to actually try it on my own. I used the ‘Stop,Breathe and Think’ app which helped because it was personalized and easy to follow. I am hoping to make mediation part of my daily morning routine to help prepare me for the day. What I didn’t realize until trying it, however, is how concentrated I really have to be and how there really is a process behind meditating. First there is my posture (which is laughable), then whereabouts in my house do I sit where family members won’t hear a yogi voice talking to me, and finally is actually controlling my breathing and pushing out all of my thoughts. I found my brain wandering and my body shifting as I did the three minute meditation practice. I am hoping with time this meditation process will become easier and more enjoyable for me. Here is to trying new things and a comic that I found funny and relatable…



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