Something that I have been looking into in the last little bit is trying to discover new hobbies that I can do that will benefit my happiness. I was talking to someone yesterday and they were asking me what I do to keep myself happy and I found myself repeating the same two answers over and over.. I like walks and reading. When I was prompted for something more I didn’t really know what to say. I don’t think there is anything wrong with those hobbies because they do make me happy. Walks and hikes allow me to see new places and see the world from a different view while reading allows me to escape from the world for a moment and see what it’s like living outside of reality. However, even while knowing these are perfectly suitable hobbies I would like to venture out and try more things so that when someone asks me what I do to make myself happy I don’t have limited answers. I always find that starting a new hobby can be kind of scary for me because there is always that fear of either not liking it or not being very good at it, but I want to start looking past that and trying more new things and going to more places. I want to start living out of my comfort zone more. The comfort zone always seems so reliable until I am looking at it from the outside and can see how limited I can be. They say that ‘life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ and I would like to start embracing this change and doing more of a variety of things that make me happy and making this a goal. I don’t want to overwhelm myself by taking on too much and turning hobbies into work, but I want to choose a couple new things so that I am being consistent with this change of thinking. I want to try exercising more consistently, meditating every morning, writing more, try playing guitar again, and either travel to more local places or plan a bigger trip. Hopefully since this is typed out for the world to see I have hopes that I will discipline myself enough to stick to this.


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