Quarry Rock


Yesterday I had the chance to have a mid- week adventure and go to Deep Cove for a hike. I did the Baden Powell trail to Quarry Rock. I had the oppourtunity to do this trail last summer and I like this trail because it isn’t too far away and it’s not too long of a trail (only takes about 90 minutes round trip) so you can do it in the later afternoon and still have time to finish it. The only downside to this trail I found is limited parking and lots of crowds on weekends in the summer months which is why I chose to do this trail during the week. This trail is relatively easy, but still provides a good workout. I will have to admit I slipped on one of the smaller hills once, but as long as you watch your footing it is fine. I love the mental escape I was able to get while doing this trail. The beautiful forest views and the gorgeous view at the top were all definitely worth it. The view is picture perfect while al the sounds and smells surrounding me made me feel at peace and forget all my worries even if just for a moment. There is something I find very satisfying about hiking and being able to achieve something by making it to the top and pushing my body physically and my brain mentally allows me to focus on myself and my immediate surroundings instead of my constant ‘to-do’ list. This hike definitely reenergized me and I am looking forward to finding some more hikes to do over this summer so I can push myself even further and discover more in this beautiful world we live in.


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2 Responses to Quarry Rock

  1. ryanmagdanz says:

    Love this place! It’s a nice place to relax if you go to the right of the bay there are less people I find and lay in the grass.


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