Hello world!

Well here it goes this is my first blog post!! I have always loved writing and wanted somewhere public to share some of my thoughts so I figured why not try a blog? I want to use this blog to share some of my passions in life including exploring nature, teaching, and writing while I track my journey. I love all of the small things in life and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I have been through a lot emotionally in the last couple years and I am on a hopeful road towards a more positive outlook on life and a more fulfilled life with a balance of work and play. The last couple years I feel I have hit a roadblock and lost a bit of myself along the way. I found myself not enjoying life the way I have always wanted to. My hopes are to get out there and do all that I can while building my teaching career and putting myself out there. I am trying to regain myself (as cheesy as it sounds) and build my confidence and soul. I am hoping that this blog can help me find a means to express myself as I take this journey while also connecting myself to other people.


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