Spirea Nature Trail


One of my favourite things to do is check out a new trail and I was excited to check out the Spirea Nature Trail in Golden Ears Park. This trail is easily accessible for all levels and abilities. It is a fairly short trail, but the pond and mossy trees were absolutely dreamy to see. I liked this trail because it is a great trail that makes you feel like you are far out in a different enchanted world when you are still fairly close to home. I will definitely be doing this one again! I want to check out more trails in Golden Ears Park next time as well and will hopefully blog about those ones as well 🙂



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Dog Mountain (again)


Happy belated New Year everyone! As most people do I have set out some new goals for this year and have high hopes for what’s to come. Along with saving money and putting my best foot forward towards work opportunities as well as my writing and photography, my key word for this new year will be ‘self-love.’ It has been something that has fallen away from me in these last couple years and my main goal is to get it back this year by taking chances and really seeing what I am capable of. I was given this opportunity by doing Dog Mountain again this winter (thanks mom for the snowshoes!) and testing my comfort zone. Dog Mountain has one of the most beautiful views and I love how every season it has a slightly different view of the world below. Personally my favourite season to hike Dog Mountain is in the winter when I can see the snow covered trees and city below. This last week, however, topped any expectation I had when I walked to the top of the mountain and saw the sun shining above, blue skies, and a layer of fog covering the city below. It was one of the most breathtaking sights I have ever seen. The fog was  like a soft fluffy blanket just wanting to be touched. It was mesmerizing watching the fog slowly blow past the snow capped mountains. It is truly a moment I will remember forever. I didn’t want to leave! It’s moments like these that make the slippery walk up the mountain completely worth it. I am excited for all of the upcoming adventures of this new year and seeing where they all take me. Cheers!



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Mundy Park


Discovering a new park is always an exciting feeling for me. It’s definitely the smallest things that seem to always mean the most. For some reason I was hesitant to check this local Coquitlam park out because I was unsure of what to expect, but I was very glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and went for it. This park is actually much larger than I expected and has a wide range of trails inside of this park. There are actually two lakes both Mundy Lake and Lost Lake. I was fortunate enough to be able to check out both lakes. As you can see in the picture the beginnings of the winter season left its mark in the forest throughout which led to a bit of a winter wonderland feel the day I went to the park. The trails are all flat in this park, but I still enjoyed checking out the different views throughout. There is something so spectacular this time of year in the forests when fall and winter are colliding. The brisk air and fall colours are incredible. There were also many kinds of mushrooms which was fun to see as well. I will definitely be revisiting this park in the future.



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Mystery Lake

Had quite the adventure yesterday up on Seymour Mountain. Often I get to this mountain either in the summer or the winter when it’s snowing so was quite a unique experience exploring it in the fall. The weather could not make up its mind between sunshine, fog, hail and rain. If I am being honest I should of prepared my outfit a bit better for unpredictable weather, but now I know for next time. For this trip I did Mystery lake and Mystery Peak. The trail to Mystery Lake is not very difficult you just have to watch out for the roots. The lake itself is peaceful and I loved seeing the fog throughout the trees while doing this trail. It definitely added more mystery to hold up to this trail’s name. After visiting the lake I went up to do Mystery peak. My boyfriend and I went to the edge of the lake and hiked up the rocks there to get to the peak. This climb was a bit steep with loose rocks, but only took about about ten minutes. At the top the view was at first all fog, but thankfully after a few minutes I got a great view of the Vancouver area. However, after a few minutes admiring the view I also caught glimpse of a black bear and scurried off with my boyfriend to head back down the trail so as to not cross paths with him. It was a bit surreal seeing this bear so close. Was both exciting and terrifying at the same time. Thankfully the bear was not aggressive and did not seem to notice me there, but I am very lucky that the encounter did not go another way. Am also lucky that the bear didn’t decide to take my route down! I have seen a few pictures from the this past weekend of black bears on Seymour Mountain so just keep your eyes open and be bear aware as they are fattening up for winter right now. Don’t forget your bear bells and spray! This was an experience I won’t forget. Be safe and happy trails!!



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Horseback riding


Recently for my sister’s birthday I stepped way out of my comfort zone and went horseback riding. I have always loved horses, but have also always been a little fearful of actually riding one even though it is something I have always wanted to try. I am so glad I did! I went to Glen Valley Stables and went for a trail ride in Campbell Valley park. Their horses were absolutely amazing and very well trained. I loved how patient and calm they were with all of their beginner riders. The experience definitely helped me see the bonuses of stepping out of my comfort zone and made me realize I need to do this more often. I did a one hour ride and it was awesome to see a side of Campbell Valley park that I never even knew existed. I will definitely be back for another ride. When my legs and butt stop hurting that is! Worth it though!



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Bowen Island

For the longest time I have wanted to explore Bowen Island. I have done a few trails that have led me to viewpoints of Bowen Island, but I had never actually explored it myself until a couple weeks ago! I also discovered that walking on to a BC ferry to the island is an amazing cheap way to do a quick day trip of Bowen Island or any island nearby for that matter! After arriving at Bowen island I immediately saw an ice cream shop that had London fog ice cream and I was sold. It was delicious by the way! Bowen Island has a cute town that is fun to walk through and explore. After exploring the town my boyfriend and I went to do the Dorman Point hike. This hike is relatively short and leads to a lookout of the Howe Sound area. The trees are mostly in the way of this view, but it is still worth checking out. You can actually see Whytclif Park from this view. I also stopped by the harbour to enjoy the beautiful sunshine I was lucky to have that day. For this day trip I had a hot dog stand dinner, but next time I would like to try one of the restaurants because there are actually many to choose from! The last hike I did that day before heading back was the Bowen Island version of Bridal Veil falls. The waterfall was a little underwhelming this time of year, but it was definitely fascinating to see the fish ladders which I have never seen before. Would love to come back in October or November to see it in use by the salmon. All in all it was a amazing day trip and I would love to do some more island day trips in the near future. If anyone has ideas let me know!



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Mill Lake


Mill Lake is a go to walk of mine in Abbotsford. It’s flat and paved which makes it easily accessible for anyone which is nice. The walk circles around Mill Lake and has several benches around with some nice views of the lake. This trail is about 5km so takes about half an hour to do at a quick pace. I love the board walk section  (pictured above) which takes you across the lake and you can see the lily pads, birds, and sometimes even a turtle or two sitting on the logs. This park is fairly well kept and has lots of grassy areas and a water park and pool for the summertime. It is a park that is not too far away (from me anyway:P) and is awesome for days where you just don’t have enough time for a full day hike. Definitely worth checking out!





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